Shaggy Chic

Because every dog deserves the good life

Shaggy Chic is founded on pure, unadulterated love for pets as companions, friends and family members. We believe all dogs and pets, whether purebred or mixed breeds, deserve to be happy, clean and indulged via accessibly priced premium products born of good science, love and fun.
— Kelly Petersen, Top Dog


When we created Shaggy Chic  pet salon products, we had canines just like yours in mind. Whether your dog’s style is city chic, smartly country or charmingly down home, at Shaggy Chic you’ll find the luxury natural salon products your dog needs to turn heads. You’ll also find delicious home-style treats made with all natural human grade ingredients and of course, love.

Going to the salon is something most of us eagerly anticipate each month to cover our grays, snip our ends or deep condition our scalp. At Shaggy Chic, we believe your dog should also enjoy their own affordable & luxury salon experience.  In fact, our company is founded on the belief that all dogs and pets, whether purebred or mixed breeds, deserve to be happy, clean and indulged.

Our signature paraben-free shampoos, conditioners, detangler and fur fresh are developed for your pet’s health, happiness and comfort.  Made in the U.S. with hand-selected natural ingredients, our pet pampering spa and salon products are both human-grade and human-tested.  

Created with love and good science, Shaggy Chic salon products are technically brilliant, gentle and suitable for all breeds and coat textures.

Shaggy Chic is located in Tivoli Village
400 South Rampart Blvd Suite #140
Las Vegas, Nevada 89145

Salon Hours:
Monday - Friday   9am - 6pm
Saturday  8am - 6pm
Sunday   11am - 6pm

Boutique Hours:
Monday - Thursday   9am - 8pm
Friday and Saturday  9am - 9pm
Sunday   11am - 6pm

Curbside Drop-Off or Pick-Up Available
Walk-Ins Welcome for MUST HAVES Only